Wake County, North Carolina

Submitted by Shirley & Gordon Olson

LOCATION: Johnson Pond Rd., Wake County

While recording New Providence Baptist Church, I had a telephone conversation with the church historian, Ms. Ruby Banks. Ms. Banks related a little of her family's history, and closed by telling me her parents and two other members of her family were buried on the west side of Johnson Pond Rd., across from the entrance to a subdivision that had been created by her parents from land they owned. Since they were African American, most of the land sales were to other African Americans and the neighborhood, though racially mixed, is substantially African American.

I spoke to the home owners on Johnson Pond Rd., and they confirmed Ms. Banks statement, and showed me a monument , unquestionably a grave marker. It is on the south side of the house near the property line and to the rear of the house. Inscribed on this marker is "Lovie Lee Banks, died Feb. 12, 1960." Nestled against the monument is the footstone, "LLB". There are at least 3 unmarked graves along side of this grave. There is a road not far from here, Banks Rd., where there is alleged to be another cemetery with un related Banks family members. In the Morgan Cemetery are other Banks family members.

I was not certain whether I should record this, but decided to do so in case future Banks descendants were searching for their ancestral graves. The present homeowners are elderly and it is possible the grave marker may be gone if they leave the property. Currently, while it is not cared for, it is not disturbed.

Recorded by Shirley Olson Nov 2000


5 Apr 2002 | 5 Apr 2002
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