Boiling Spring, Wilcox County, Alabama

Surveyed by B.J. Smothers

Located in T15N, R6E, Sec 33 off Hwy 28 in Boiling Spring. Visited in Oct 1998 with Elijah Shaw, Superintendent, as guide. Mr Shaw provided names for some of the unmarked graves. Surveyed completely in Oct 2000. Listed all the headstones and unmarked sites that were visible on the church grounds. The church also uses an old cemetery variously referred to as the "Hayes Cemetery", the "Kelly Cemetery" or the "Shaw Cemetery". It is set back in the woods in T15N, R6E, Sec 29 on private property and is accessed by L.C. Shaw Dr. off Hwy 28.

1.   Minnie Lee Gamble
     11-12-1912     7-12-1999
     "Home With The Lord"

2.   Unmarked

3.   Eddie Rand
     Tec 5
     US Army
     World War II
     Oct 15, 1912
     May 23, 1997

4.   "Our Beloved Father"
     Walter Ree Sanders, Sr.
     Apr 22, 1923
     Dec 6, 1959
     "Forever in our Hearts and Minds
     We dearly love you"

5.   "Our Beloved Mother"
     Gracie Burrell Sanders
     "Victory in Him I Sing"
     Feb 9, 1930
     July 18, 1972
     "Your eternal love will remain
     in each and every one of our
     hearts and lives till we meet
     on paradise shore"

6.   "Our Beloved Father and Grandfather"
     Rev. William L. Burrell
     Aug 2, 1902
     Apr 12, 1962
     "We pledge our everlasting love,
     honor and respect to you"

7.   "Our Beloved Mother and Grandmother"
     Frances C. Jackson Burrell
     Aug 4, 1904
     Feb 9, 1988
     "A devoted Missionary Serbant of the King
     Too well loved to ever be forgotten"

8.   Unmarked

9.   Arthur Lee Sanders
     US AAC
     World War II
     Jun 5, 1920
     Oct 7, 1995

10.  Unmarked

(Group of four headstones only, #11-14)

11.  Lusend Mauldin Shaw
     Nov 23, 1895
     Apr 3, 1964
     "At Rest"

12.  "In Memory Of"
     Elijah Shaw, Sr.
     May 15, 1886
     Dec 21, 1966
     "At Rest"

13.  Not engraved

14.  Not engraved

15.  Unmarked

16.  Hendless DuBose
     March 31, 1902
     Sept 8, 1992


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