Accord, Telfair County, GA

By Nina Bennett, newyorkgirl@iwon.com, P. O. Box 43321, Las Vegas, NV 89116.

Attached is a file of names that were on a photocopy my mother-in-law provided to me. The list is comprised of family members of hers (from the WOOTEN family) buried in "The Old Coloured Folks Cemetery" in Accord, Georgia, located in Telfair County. I don't have any other formal name for the cemetery. That is how it is commonly referred. The cemetery is over 150 years old.

The location of the cemetary is given as, "along the winding highway on Route 208 in Accord, Georgia." My atlas doesn't show a Route 208, but does list a Route 280.

The condition of the cemetery, at the time this list was produced (1997) is described now as a vacant lot. The actual parameters are not known. Fire destroyed the old courthouse in Helena, where all the burial records were housed. Most of the headstones are missing.

Aaron Spaulding, Jr., director of the Aaron Spaulding Funeral Home (Accord, GA) remembers that the last body to be buried there was hauled in by a truck in the early 1950's.

At one time, cows were allowed to graze on the overgrowth of bushes and bramble. During a family reunion, however, in 1993, Deacon Melvin Pound (another family member), of Centilla Baptist Church organized a clean-up conducted by the men of the community. They burned away the bushes and made the cemetery presentable.

Much of the information relating to those buried at the site was provided from memory by Rena Wooten Johnson (grandmother of Melvin Pound). She recalled from childhood many of the names of those interred at the site.

During a family reunion in August 1993, a memorial ceremony was conducted by Rev. Benny Watson, a descendant of Penny Wooten Watson.

Nina Bennett
Las Vegas, NV

Allen, Anna
Allen, Wile
Hamilton, Alf
Hamilton, Clarence
Hamilton, Frank
Hamilton, Joe
Hamilton, Mag
Hamilton, Miles
Hamilton, Sally
Harper, Rev. Robert
Harrell, Edman
Harrell, John
Hollie, John
Hollie, Lottie
McRae, Frank
McRae, Jane
McRae, Katharine
McRae, Rev. John
Starks, Josh
Starks, Lizzie
Starks, Sam
Watson, Jod
Watson, Penny
Watson, Sidney
Weaver, Arthur
Weaver, Bill
Weaver, Dan
Weaver, Flerdie
Weaver, Henry
Weaver, Jim
Weaver, Walt
Wooten, Anna
Wooten, Davis
Wooten, Dunnie
Wooten, Essie May
Wooten, Estel
Wooten, Ginger
Wooten, Jessie
Wooten, Mandie
Wooten, Mary
Wooten, Roy Lee
Wooten, Warren         


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