Palmetto, San Jacinto County, Texas

By Tonya Aultman-Harris, mtharris@ev1.net

This cemetery is located near Oakhurst, and the once existance Raven Hill Community, on FM 946 in San Jacinto County, Texas.

This cemetery is enclosed in barbed wire, and this transcription was not taken in exact order. This is a 'country' cemetery. There is a platform set up with benches and chairs on it for funerals. It is also covered. There are two outhouses also. This transcription was done on July 31, 2000.

PARKS, Ray b.10-27-1946
Shirley K. b.3-24-1947 d.4-28-1986

DAVENPORT, Rev. C. N. b.1884 d.1975

STANDLEY, Delvin Rashad b.5-2-1979 d.5-3-1979 'Our Baby'

WHITE, Gladis M. d.6-30-1979 15yrs 4m 10d Williams & Sons Funeral Home marker (Huntsville, TX)
concrete homemade marker

ODEMS, Thomas Lee b.1918 d.1982

IRVING, Laura b.1-13-1914 d.11-30-1998
Mot b.7-26-1900 d.10-16-1977

DRAKE, Sam b.1892 d.1977 PVT US ARMY WWI

LINTON, Martha b.9-20-1910 d.NDD
J. W. b.3-25-1907 d.7-19-1984

LINTON, Connie Walker b.7-7-1926 d.8-18-1988 SGT US ARMY

O'NEAL, Lonnie b.1928 d.1980 US AIR FORCE WWII KOREA

THOMAS, Thornton b.1891 d.10-14-1985
Georgia Ann b.1892 d.1966

THOMAS, Andrew b.2-17-1889 d.2-27-1963

JENKINS, Catherine Wyatt b.1-15-1880 d.6-7-1957

EVINS, Daisy Cleveland b.1-29-1911 d.6-17-1978

funeral home marker - unreadable

WYATT, Ardella b.2-20-1898 d.6-14-1960

HARRIS, Bettie b.2-14-1898 d.10-5-1961 'Mother'

HARRIS, J. D. b.9-?-1896 d.1-25-1981 'Father'

HARRIS, Hosea, Sr. b.1929 d.1982 'Father'

HARRIS, James O., Jr. b.2-16-1949 d.1-2-1993 'Honey'

HARRIS, Phillip d.3-17-1998 60yrs 9 days Wiiliams & Sons Funeral Home marker
concrete homemade stone

LUCRAY(?), Lou E. b.1-11-1919 d.4-5-1980 'Beloved Mother'

DAVENPORT, Ralph G. b.1937 d.1979 'Son'

WILLIAMS, Edd b.1913 d.1979 'Brother'

WILLIAMS, Ida b.1893 d.1978 'Mother'

HARRISON, Pauline b.9-21-1927 d.3-24-1973 'Mother'

WILLIAMS, George b.3-5-1896 d.11-17-1971 'Father'

funeral home marker - unreadable

JONES, Lucille b.1-5-1873 d.3-3-1957

WILLIAMS, Andrew b.1-26-1930 d.11-21-1983

BASS, Odessa b.1-5-1924 d.12-27-1997 Spouses name not on stone

DECLOUETTE, Linda Sue Johnson b.8-15-1952 d.5-25-1999

VANCE, Harvey b.1-24-1909 d.6-30-1999
Helen Bernice b.11-8-1911 d.6-16-1993

NICHOLS, Leander Harris b.9-21-1900 d.2-5-1992

JONES, Willie Ed b.10-7-1914 d.11-4-1983 TEC5 US ARMY WWII

3 unreadable stones

HARRISON, O?ell homemade stone

HARRISON, George b.1897 d.1968

HARRISON, Lizzie b.1900 d.1976

WHITE, Robert homemade marker

GRAY, Billie b.1893 d.1967

HARRISON, Johnnie b.11-6-1899 d.8-12-1965

STUBBLEFIELD, Millie b.6-4-1899 d.8-22-1964
Will b.1-1-1899 d.NDD

WALLACE, Susie Barr b.4-25-1902 d.12-4-1960

WILLIAMS, Ed b.1-25-1884 d.1-4-1976
Lettie b.8-8-1884 d.9-25-1972

HARRISON, R. L. b.6-3-1925 d.4-18-1972 (?) 47yrs 1m 16d(?) TFC US ARMY WWII

white wooden cross - no information

Louis Bryant - white wooden cross

BROOKS, Mrs. Lougenia b.5-11-1906 d.1-3-1990 funeral home marker

funeral home marker - unreadable

RICHARDSON, Cupe dates are buried TEC5 US ARMY WWII

PARKER, Prince white wooden cross

MCDUFFIE, Rev. Artee b.12-29-1926 d.3-18-1998

JONES, D. L. white wooden cross (Mr.) d. 1-27-1993 78yrs 11d William & Sons Funeral Home marker

JONES, Bennie (Mrs. Bennie L. Jones) d.10-1-1995 74yrs 9m 11d William & Sons Funeral Home

3 blank white wooden markers

HARRIS, Mr. O. B. d.11-29-1999 46y 4m 21d William&Sons Funeral Home marker

GROVER, Mrs. Lillie d.2-8-1994 88y 7m 9d white wooden cross with funeral home marker

WRIGHT, Charlene b.10-8-1936 d.2-27-1998 'A loving sister'

WRIGHT, Thomas B. b.2-28-1952 d.5-30-1994 'Devoted Father'

white wooden cross - no information

LITTLE, Ike b.1899 d.1982 PVT US ARMY WWII

BAILEY, Robert b.11-11-1899 d.1-1-1982 'Brother'

BRYANT, Georgia M. b.1909 d.1967

BRYANT, Ellen b.9-18-1860 d.6-2-1970

funeral home marker - unreadable

BRYANT, Alfred b.6-1-1867 d.11-30-1961 Mason sign

STUBBLEFIELD, Mary b.1897 d.1973 'Our Mother'

STUBBLEFIELD, Lillie b.1895 d.1976 'A Loving Mother'

STUBBLEFIELD, Joe b.6-23-1899 d.3-20-1983

JOHNSON, Mr. John Henry b.9-25-1915 d.3-27-1985 PFC US ARMY WWII

JOHNSON, Willie R. d.10-13-1995 74y 8d funeral home marker

GREEN, Wilma, Sr. b.10-26-1930 d.9-27-1984 US ARMY

PARKER, Ellis TX COOK US ARMY WWI d.11-8-1972

3 funeral home markers - unreadable

DISMUKE, Dee b.2-9-1894 d.9-10-1962

unreadable head stone

RUFFIN, Malinda b.4-10-1888 d.3-18-1966

TAYLOR, Virginia b.10-30-1900 d.6-6-1976

R?, Bob G. unreadable funeral home marker

RIGSBY, Billy A., Jr. b.9-11-1966 d.8-21-1967

buried headstone

STUBBLEFIELD, Ike b.12-25-1905 d.12-25-1966

TAYLOR, Luecresia b.1-31-1900 d.5-10-1981 'Mother'

TAYLOR, Joe M. b.12-25-1879 d.1-12-1955 'Father' Mason sign

WASHINGTON, Louise b.10-31-1924 d.5-1-1985 (same plot as the Taylors)

ADAMS, Jefferson D. b.8-2-1925 d.5-27-1956 TX SGT 679 ORD AMMO CO WWII

JONES, Joe Louis b.9-11-1936 d.3-25-1980

PHLEGM, Robert Earl b.12-18-1967 d.1-10-1969 'Our Son'

2 unreadable funeral home markers

LEE, Ben b.1878 d.1960 picture on stone

LEE, Virginia b.1-2-1896 b.6-28-1987 'Sister'

LEE, Mrs. Sarah b.1-23-1914 d.11-10-1982

ROBINSON, Mrs. Maddie L. b.4-25-1921 d.2-19-1996 74yrs funeral home marker

unreadable funeral home marker

COTTRELL, Mrs. Betty J. b.3-10-1947 d.2-26-1986 39yrs funeral home marker

GILLASPIE, Luetishie P. b.1-30-1922 d.5-12-1976

COTTRELL, Soyd b.3-5-1946 d.3-4-1978 'Son'

COTTRELL, A. C. b.3-5-1939 d.6-28-1974 'Son'

JUSTICE, Joseph b.1-4-1918 d.5-21-1970 'In Loving Memory'

JUSTICE, Mack Taylor dates are buried PFC US ARMY WWII

JUSTICE, Baby Shenika d.10-2-1981 (prob. b/d dates) funeral home marker

unreadable funeral home marker

JUSTICE, Mack, Jr. d.2-17-1980 42y 3m 2d funeral home marker

COOK, Luvella b.1910 d.2000

HOUSTON, Mrs. Ella A. b.2-3-1905 d.10-4-1995

CONNER, Julious dates are buried

CONNER, Robert b.8-27-1877 d.4-29-1957

CONNER, Taylor b.5-7-1908 d.2-23-1979 PFC US ARMY WWII (military stone)
CONNER, Taylor b.9-1907 d.2-23-1979 (family stone)
these two stones face each other, the dates are as written on the stones

WYATT, Hattie d.4-3-1976 93y 9m funeral home marker

WYATT, Sam b.1884 d.1957

CONNER, Eugene b.5-11-1890 d.5-31-1962 TX PVT CO C 521 ENGINEERS WWI

CONNER, Pink b.1890 d.1985 Garner&Son Mortuary marker

CONNER, Chester C. b.10-8-1915 d.10-18-1992 CPL US ARMY WWII

CONNER, Seleda Vera Ball b.9-14-1925 d.9-28-1998 funeral home marker

KINDER, Mrs. Maggie b.7-30-1913 d.9-22-1996 83yrs white wooden cross with Cox Funeral Home marker

CLEVELAND, Mary b.4-23-1896 d.5-8-1981

?, Mrs. Jan unreadable funeral home marker

white wooden cross, unreadable funeral home marker

CLEVELAND, Mr. James L. b.11-2-1935 d.6-30-1990 54yrs white wooden cross with funeral home marker

TURNER, Nettie E. b.8-28-1888 d.11-14-1970

TURNER, Robert b.5-10-1880 d.9-18-1968

C?to,Hu?rt b.4-1-1903 d.5-31-1968 (spaces where ? are, ? does not mean one space) 'Rest in Peace'
I think the first name is Hubert

3 unreadable funeral home markers

PRESTON, Ollie Mae b.7-8-1910 d.8-24-1990

JOHNSON, Robbie O. b.9-22-1908 d.11-22-1996

WALKER, Aurther b.1911 d.1961

2 unreadable cemetery markers

HARRISON, Louellen b.8-9-1906 d.5-20-1989

HARRISON, Mr. H. b.3-25-190? (stickers and buried)

WYATT, Rev. Wesley b.4-6-1885 d.4-6-1959
Rosa b.11-11-1887 d.11-25-1967

WYATT, Sam d.4-? (homemade concrete marker)

HARRISON, Mrs. Phoebe b.3-6-1876 d.1-21-1973 funeral home marker also

HARRISON, Eliza b.7-19-1909 d.8-6-1977

HARRISON, Lenard b.9-9-1909 d.2-6-1994 PFC US ARMY WWII

WYATT, Silas b.7-12-1919 d.8-21-1977 PVT US ARMY WWII

WYATT, Prime b.12-25-1921 d.12-4-1974 PVT US ARMY

WYATT, Carol(?) b.12-27-1951 d.12-25-1991

WYATT, Charles E. Sr. b.11-22-1949 d.3-25-1998

DAVIS, Leory Jr. b.10-3-1945 d.7-1-1992 Houston Pool Assoc. / Marine Petroleum Inc.

CLEVELAND, Nora E. b.11-4-1916 d.10-25-1993
Clarence Sr. b.6-6-1917 d.4-24-1997

WYATT, Mr. Amos d.9-29-1999 91y 7m 5d funeral home marker

PARKER, Frank b.2-7-1895 d.1-19-1997

PARKER, Amos b.1900 d.1964 Mason sign

PARKER, Charlie b.1-29-1879 d.3-11-1957

white cross w/funeral home marker - unreadable

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