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28 Jun 1999
Other cemetaries in Belcher LA

There are other cemetaries in Belcher, LA. Do you have any of these cemetaries on your listing? I will be going to a family reunion leaving June 29, 1999 for Shreveport LA. I will be visiting St Paul Cemetery, Green Cemetery, and one that my Grand-aunt (98 years old) will take us to. Where my Great-grand parents are buried I don't know the name yet.

I will be happy to supply you with whatever information I collect. I will be visiting the hall of records in Shreveport, for marriage, divorce, death, and birth records on my family. I have collected data on my family since 1992; with photos, retrospectives, biographies, etc. I have appx 2,500 people in my database.

If you get this e-mail before I leave home for Shreveport (leaving 2:00am), please let me know what you need me to collect on the cemetaries in Belcher LA.

PS I did recognize some names of families (Bradfords) still living in Belcher.


25 Jun 1999
William Howard Day Cemetary

Are you familiar with William Howard Day Cemetary in Steelton/Harrisburg are. All of my immediate ancestors are buried there. The surnames are Anderson and Broadus.


15 Jun 1999
Old Benevolent Cemetery in Nashville, TN

I am writing to let you know about a 400 grave African American cemetery that is being deeded out of existence. It was called the Old Benevolent Cemetery and it's located in Nashville TN. It was used from the early 1800's until the mid 1960's. A prominent Nashville attorney and his brother (also an attorney) have sold the property back and forth between themselves,each time reducing the number of graves from 400 down to 1. They are doing this in order to build a warehouse on the property. The local media will not do the story because of who the owner is. The remains were dug up and placed in cardboard moving boxes. I feel like people need to be aware of what is happening here. This cemetery would have been eligible for the historic register. It's going to disappear unless something is done. If you all can help or have any ideas about what I could do, please let me know. Thank you,

Holman Milhous
2902 Brick Church Pk.
Nashville,TN. 37207
(615) 226-1990

Holman Milhous,

10 jun 1999
Common Burial Ground, Newport RI

I thought you might be interested in one of the nation's oldest and largest African American burial grounds. Located in historic Newport, Rhode Island, the "God's Little Acre" portion of the Common Burial Ground contains several hundred markers of slave and free african and african americans dating as far back as the late 17th century. Most of the markers are between 1725 and 1799 and nearly all were crafted by an African American stone-cutter names Zingo Stevens. The markers are unique because of their age and inscriptions. In some cases, the markers include a depiction of an angel with African features in respecting the african heritage of the deceased. For more info, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Keith W. Stokes
Newport County Chamber of Commerce

Keith W. Stokes,

9 jun 1999
Alfred & Marion Anderson

I also have great grandparents from Oxford,Pa. I have been trying to find Alfred and Marion Anderson. Their daughters Minnie and Lillie. I have not been able to find out where they are buried. My father talked about a grandmother Wolfe. What do you have on Wolfe's? If you come across Anderson I would love to know. Alfred's first name may have been Charles. He may have had a brother named James. They were barber's by trade. Thanks a lot.

Linda Anderson Cooper,

26 May 1999
George Washington Carver Memorial Gardens

If you ever explore any Jefferson County cemeteries, I might mentiona little known African American one. I have searched online everywhere for it, but no one seems to be aware of it. Unfortunately it's the one I need.

George Washington Carver Memorial Gardens Inc Ofc
1020 Minor Pkwy
Birmingham, AL 35224-1300
Phone: (205) 786-6982

Thank You

TaraTee ,

26 May 1999
Washington Hill Cemetery in Boughton, Arkansas (South of Prescott, AK

There are many, many more to be added to the list in this cemetery. A good contact would be June Hamilton and Alfreddie Hart.

My Grandfather Willie Phillips is not on the list, he died circa 1972, and was born in circa 1890. Also my uncle Otis Hart, and many, many more. Somebody must have a "plot plan" because they are still burying people there.

There are people buried here who were "Slaves", so we need to have some of these places reserved as National Historic sites.

Also, I believe Shady Grove Cemetery is located in Beirnes (Burns) Arkansas. I have Great, Great and Great Grand Parents buried there. Namely the Hunters and Harts. I don't know who to contact reference this Cemetery, if it's the one in Beirnes. Some of these people were also born Slaves. Thank you for this heart rendering effort!

Will G. Phillips,

25 May 1999
Low country SC cemeteries

Any links to cemeteries located in the low country counties such as Beaufort, Charleston, Colleton, Bamberg, Orangeburg, Dorchestor etc. Any thing along the Gullah Islands, Sea Islands, St Helena, Hilton Head, Johns Island, Edisto, James Island.


2 May 1999
East Feliciana-Clinton, LA African American cemeteries

Hello, I am trying to locate any information on Clinton, La. African American cemeteries. How do I get lists? Thank you.

Otis Pitts,

25 Apr 1999
Macedonia Cemetery, Stephen, AR

I was recently in Stephen Arkansas attending my Aunt's burial at the Macedonia Cemetery in Stephen. This is one of two know all black cemeteries that should be added to your list. Both these cemeteries are off the beaten path but should be included. I don't know the name of the second cemetery but my uncle June Green and my grandfather Fulton Green are both buried in this cemetery also located in Stephen.

Any assistance you can provide in recognizing these cemeteries would mean a great deal to me. Thanks.


17 Apr 1999
MT. Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery, Lowndes County, AL

Being that my wife and I are from the great state of Alamaba, and finding your web sight on the the internet has been wonderful. First, finding MT. Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery, Gordonsville, Lowndes County, Alabama . My Family was among the thiirty-three person directly involved in the organization of MT.Moriah Baptist Church Number one in 1868. Prominent names were the Surles, Browns, McCords, Stones, Moorers, Murphys, Hills, Brook, Danridges, and Jenkins (all relatives).

Was a great discovery for me and my family, But finding First Marietta Church Cemetery, located on county road 3 in Escambia County, Alabama., was great I frake out, this my wife family's church Cemetery. Her great grand mother, grand father, mother many others relatives are buried their. In fact on page 3 the grave next to Augusta F. Vaughn desigmated as unmarked - Adult, is Harvey W,C.Fowler, born August 31, 1899,and died July 16, 1996. This is her Grand father, and Augusta is his only child, and mu wife's mother. Lawrence Fuller is a uncle by marriage, to the sister fo Mr. Fowler, who lives in Detroit, Michigan. Thank a million.

Rubin L. Brown,

8 Apr 1999
Hatoff Cemetery, Dublin, Laurens County, GA

Hi, could you please tell me if anyone is or has researched the Hatoff Cemetery in Laurens County, Dublin, Georgia. I am very interested in finding out about family members that were buried there. I live on the West Coast which makes it impossible to locate myself. Would appreciate any info you can give on this matter. I was told that it may be considered a Historical site now. Also, I was told it recently merged with a Pearly Chapel and is now Friendship Baptist Church. Look forward to your response. Thanks.


28 Mar 1999
Dix Hill Cemetery, Haywood County, NC

I visited your website after receiving an e-mail from an on-line friend. I think the site is great. I loved going through the different states, and connecting with our great history. How does one go about getting a cemetary listed on this site? I know of an incredible one in Haywood County, NC, my birthplace. The name is Dix Hill Cemetary, and it is perched along the sides and the top of a hill, surrounded in all directions by mountains. It is a tremendously peaceful spot, housing loads of Waynesville, North Carolina's black evolution. Please let me know how to list it. Thanks.

Lavonne Casey,

10 Mar 1999
Other Cemeteries Located In Calcasieu Parish

I would like to ask you if you have any other listing on cemeteries located in and around Calcasieu Parish. I am trying to find out some information on someone that may have been buried at Morning Star Baptist Church (Old River). This is in Natchez, LA. From what i understand Weaver & Flora has disappeared form the map. But I had some relatives living there a long time ago. I believe travel between the Rashall or Long Y Hill plantations. Do these place still exist?


18 Feb 1999
Louis Evans, Burr Oak Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Louis Evans buried : Chicago Burr Oak Cemetary: date 07\09\55
Sec 6 Loy 7 Row 2.
Louis Evans is my grandfather


17 Feb 1999
Cedar Grove Cemetery, Clayton, AL

There is a cemetary located in Clayton, Alabama, "Cedar Grove", which was the burial site for African Americans residing in that community. The land, as I understand, was donated by my great grandfather, General (first name) Cole. If anyone has any information on this site, I would appreciate hearing from them at:

Lenora Alexander,

6 Feb 1999
Lakeview Cemetery

Lakeview Community was established during the 1820's in a cypress swamp outside of present day Carrier Mills, (Saline County-Southern Illinois), near the Kentucky border. The residents were/are farmers/coal miners. To this day it still in use and is a 100% African American cemetery. I have family buried there with tomb stones dating back to the middle 1800's and I believe church records should be available.

How would I go about getting it listed on your web site?

Richard Drue Jr.,

20 Dec 1998
TX Cemetery Pictures Brazos Cnty

Hi. Anyone interested in any of these pictures of tombstones let me know. It is a cemetery in Brazos Co. called Weaver.

        FOSTER, Frank
        WATSON, T. V.
        McDADE, Orade
        TIBBS, Tom
        WHITE, Paul E.
        FISHER, Millie
        DUNLAP, Robert
        DUNLAP, Lucinda
        DUNLAP, William

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