Henry County, Alabama

Submitter: Faye Walker Howell. Contributors: Larry Smith, Rev. Samuel C. Walker, Eva McDonald.

In the late 1890ís, my great-great grandfather George Hodge, Deacon Pete Dawkins and their family members built the Church and cleared the land next to it for a cemetery. They wanted their familyís then and future generations to have a place to worship God, attend school, and have a section to bury family members. (source: Rev. Samuel C. Walker)

George Hodge, his wife Sarah Jane and many of their descendants are buried there in the cemetery. Many of the graves are unmarked and the cemetery is in bad condition, the last time I visited the site.

The majority of the names listed are from the Church records, given to me by Eva McDonald a member of Little Rocky Mount. Many of the people buried there are my relatives. I walked the Cemetery a couple of times, and transcribed the names from the headstones or the concrete slabs. Those that didnít have names on their plots, family members that attended the funerals, pointed out to me where they were buried (K.P. Johnson). Other sources were; Obituaries, oral histories (K.P. Johnson), birth dates and parents names, for some (census reports) and the funerals I attended.

See also Deed conveying land for Freewill Baptist Church at Rock Mount.

NAME                            BIRTH DATE      DATE OF DEATH   OTHER INFORMATION

Alexander, Mittie Brown                         1996            Church records
Bison, Bessie T.                                                Church records
Blackmon, Ozzie Jones                                           Church records
Blackmon, Ozzie Mae                                             Church records
Brady, Rose Lee                                                 Church records
Britt, Willie B.                                                Parents: Mart Clark & Nellie Callins(family records)
Callins, Alice                                                  Father: Jessie Callins(family records)
Callins, Ben
Callins, Dempsey                04 Mar 1875     15 Oct 1972
Callins, Herman Lee             17 Mar 1917     24 Jul 1965
Callins, Mae
Callins, Iberta
Callins, Terry Lee              18 Nov 1959
Carter, Emma L.
Carter, Louisa
Chatman, Collins
Chatmon, Sarah?
Craddock, Agnes
Craddock, Sam
Craddock, Sue Ann
Craddock, Susanna
Craddock, W.C. Rev.
Craddock, Willie Lloyd
Crews, Buddy
Crews, Cleveland Sr.            02 May 1911     02 Feb 1981     Wife: Dora E. Brown Crews
Daniels, Roy Jr.
Daniels, Willie J.
Dawsey, Mattie
Dawson, George
Dawson, Sun
Dixon, Cassie Mae
Forrester, Addie
Freeman, Charles Lee
Gibson, Mary
Goodson, Frankie
Grace, Tiny M.
Griffin, Khadiza
Griggs, Alzonia                 1809                            Husband: Willie H. Griggs
Griggs, Baby
Griggs, Henry
Griggs, Moses
Griggs, William
Griggs, Willie Bell?            1906
Griggs, Willie Earl
Griggs, Wilma                                   1999
Harris, Brenda McNelley
Harris, Hattie
Henry, Maggie
Henry, Sidney
Hodge, George                   1847                            Wife: Sarah Jane Brown Hodge
Hodge, Mittie?
Hodge, Sarah Jane Brown         1852                            Husband: George Hodge
Holston, Sonny                                  1996
Ingram, Jamie                                                   Wife: Willie Ruth
Ingram, Mattie Mae
Ingram, Tellis Jr.
Jackson, C.D.
Jackson, Hattie
Jackson, J. W.
Jackson, Jim
Jenkins, Francis                                1988
Jenkins, Larry R. Rev.          16 Dec 1948     7 Feb 1994      Wife: Judy Benton Jenkins
Jenkins, Lloyd
Jenkins, Mary Lizzie Willis     29 Oct 1905     16 Jul 1974     Husband (1)Grady Johnson (2) Samuel Jenkins
Johnson, Amos Lee
Johnson, Bell                   Aug 1896        06 Apr, 1979    Husband: Lee Johnson
Johnson, Beulah
Johnson, Blessie                                                Husband: K.C. Campbell
Johnson, Ed
Johnson, Elbert
Johnson, General                                                Wife: Minnie Lee Rhimes
Johnson, Grady                  10 Jul, 1904    Apr 1976 ?
Johnson, Joe L.
Johnson, Joe Lewis
Johnson, Leslie                 1941
Johnson, Lillie Bell
Johnson, Mae
Johnson, Mitzie
Johnson, R.C.
Johnson, Sixer?
02 Feb, 1937                    1903
Johnson, West                   1919
Johnson, Willie
Jones, Baby
Jones, Mamie Lee Baxter
Jones, Memphis
Jones, Memphis Jr.                                              Wife: Christine Jones
Mar, Curtis
Mar, Ezekiel
Mar, Francis
McDonald, Deloise
McDonald, Katherine Daniels                     1997
McNeeley, Ewell
McNeeley, Judy
McNeeley, Julia
McNeeley, Mollie
Neal, Alene
Neal, Joe Lee                   1907
Neal, Mary Lene
Neal, Trudie                                    1909
Neal, Willie James                              1905
Pearce, Bertha Lee
Pearce, Conce?
Pearce, Derick R.
Pearce, Ed
Pearce, Edna
Pearce, Maggie
Pearce, Mattie D
Pearce, Rosa
Pouncey, Annie Mae
Rhimes, Callie
Rhimes, Minnie Lee                              1980's
Salter, Quincy
Saunders, Angela Rose                           1997
Springfield, Mary Nell
Thomas, Eric
Tiller, Bobby L.
Tiller, David
Tiller, Jessie James
Tiller, Les                     01 Jan 1907     Nov. 1977       Marie Tiller
Tiller, Marie                                                   Les Tiller
Tiller, Mary
Tiller, Morty James             15 Apr, 1898    07 Jul, 1967    Rose Wright Tiller
Tiller, Rosa Bell
Turner, Llewellyn Devane Turner
Walker, Emmanuel                13 Feb 1957     10 Mar 1994     Mary Ann
Walker, James
Walker, John                    08 Oct 1902     20 Mar 1951     Lillie Belle Hodge
Walker, Ruth                    29 Jan 1928     7 Aug 1989      Mr. Tillman
Ward, Gene
Ward, Son
Welk, Shelia
Wells, Mary P.                                  1999
White, Lee
White, Lee
White, Son
Wright, Arthur W.
Wright, Lonzie Rev.             22 Feb.1913                     Nervie
Wright, Nervie                                                  Lonzie Wright
Wright, Pearl                   Jul 1891                        William Wright
Wright, William                                                 Pearlie Hodge Wright


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