Saint Stephenís AME Church Cemetery
Houston County, Alabama

Surveyed and contributed by Marvin B. Hart

The Old Saint Stephenís (AME) (African American) cemetery is located on Alabama Hwy. 95 (GPS 31.13.64 N. and 85.07.35W) between Columbia and Gordon , AL ( Houston County ) on property of Alabama Power Company.  Saint Stephen AME church was founded just north of this site on Calumet creek in 1876 by members who migrated to the area from Eufaula.

The graves are in 3 rows, with some being clearly marked and the others are either unmarked or not in vaults.

Infant Williams  d.1953

Clinton Jackson d.1954

Elizabeth (Wood) Cummings b. 1853 d.?    (Step-Mother of Tobe and Violet)

Henry (Tobe) Cummings b. 1881 d.1953

Julia (Tucker) Cummings (Wife of Tobe) d. 1953

Sam Lynn

Peggy Willis (Wife of Lovette) d. 1954

Lovette Willis d. 1956

John L. Lucas (Grandson of Peggy and Lovette Willis) d. 1962

Charlie Powell d. 1950

Infant Cummings (2)

Charlie Bigham d. 1949

Violet (Cummings) Brown b. 1888 d. 1969 (Mother of Jerrelene (Brown) Mcgriff)

Jerrelene (brown) McGriff b. 1915 d. 1955

I.L. Bennet (Son of Cassie and Lou Jean) d. 1951

Cassie Bennett (Husband of Lou Jean) d. 1955

Lou Jean (Johnson) Bennett d. 1954

Wash Johnson (Brother of Lou Jean) d. 1948

John Robert Bennett (Son of Cassie and Lou Jean) d. 1962

The current Saint Stephen Methodist (African American) church is located at 1469 Alabama Hwy. 95 inside of Gordon , AL town limit.  The current church and cemetery was moved to this location after Alabama Power condemned the previous church site for the construction of Farley Nuclear Plant in 1970.  The church is now located on land that was previously occupied by the Shiloh AME church that according to county records burned in 1928.  The cemetery is small and has the following names listed.  

Pinkie Lee Willis Lewis (parents listed in old cemetery Peggy and Lovette Willis) b. 9/28/08 d. 9/01/92

Verdel Lucas (Son listed in old cemetery John L. Lucas) b. 3/10/13 d. 3/28/99

Antonio Lucas (Infant) (Grandson of Verdel)

Hubert C. Cummings (Son of Archie and Thelmon and Grandson of Peggy and Lovette Willis) b. 6/15/45 d. 2/21/94

Archie Cummings (Husband of Thelmon) b. 10/23/13 d. 04/20/94

Thelmon (Willis) Cummings Wife of Archie, Sister of Pinkie, and Daughter of Peggy and Lovette Willis) b. 8/9/17 d. 2/4/92

Melinee (Cummings) White (Daughter of Archie and Thelmon Cummings) b. 9/17/38 d. 7/4/86

Dina Brit (Cummings) Parkey (Daughter of Archie and Thelmon Cummings) b. 7/8/50 d. 4/8/90

Ruby Brown (Daughter of Violet Brown) b. 4/1/13 d. 10/15/90

Dinah (Brown) Tolbert (Daughter of Violet Brown) b 7/10/07 d 12/18/81

Mary (Coleman) Hollis

Rubin Brown (Son of Jerrelene Brown McGriff) b. 1/22/41 d. 7/2/02

Willie C. Smoke Sr. b 10/07/38 d 7/2/03


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