Dallas County, Alabama Deeds

Mortgage from Adam Rand to Shields Ramsey & Smith
SOURCE: Deed Record, Dallas County, Alabama Probate Court, Vol. Y, 1867-1868, p. 408. (FHL#1532915)

Transcribed and contributed by Karim Aldridge Rand

A Mortgage from Adam Rand to Shields Ramsey & Smith was filed for record in this office on the 14th day of April A.D. 1868. In words & figures following "To wit."
Liberty Hill Dallas County Alabama April 13th 1868. Six months after date I promise to pay to the order of Shield Ramsey & Smith, the sum of two hundred dollas value received, hereby waiving all stay laws statutory exemptions whatsoever the above amount being for provisions and necessary articles furnished him by the said Shield Ramsey & Smith, to enable him to make a crop, for the present year, and without which I would not be able to make a crop, this note is given and intended as a lien on my crop for the present year, and I hereby demand that it be recorded as the stature requires to effect the object intended, and I hereby obligate myself to deliver to the Shield Ramsey & Smith at such place or places as they may designate my entire crop of the present year, consisting of cotton corn and fodder or any other produce which I may raise during the year, given under my hand and seal the day and date above written.

Signed in the presence of                                         Adam x Rand
B.C. Adams                                                                        mark
J.G. Wilson
M. S. Rev Stamps
Affixed fifty cents               Recorded 23rd April 1868
                                                                      J.F. Cousley Judge

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