Perry County, Alabama Wills

Will of John Y. Jackson
Nov 5, 1859

By J. Hugh LeBaron,

State of Alabama - Perry County

I, John Y. Jackson, being in feeble health but of sound mind, memory and understanding and considering the certainty of death and considering the uncertainty of the time of its approach and to the End that I may be better prepared to leave this world whenever it shall please God to call me hence do make, publish and declare this to be my last will & testament hereby revoking & making void all former wills made by me at any time heretofore.

Article 1. In the first place, I nominate & appoint my Beloved wife Elizabeth Jackson and my Beloved Son R. D. Jackson to be the Executors of this my last will and Testament and in the event of the death of Either of them I desire that the Survivor shall carry out the trust here unto conferred to them. In the second place, I will & desire that my Executors shall pay all my just debts as soon as they can from the first monies coming into their hands from my Estate. And, if there is not enough in hand to pay my debts, I desire that they shall such property as they see fit to pay them.

Article 2. In the other place, I will & desire that my Beloved wife Elizabeth shall have & hold for the turn of our natural life a house and lot in the Town of Marion lately purchased by me of L. Y. Tarrant and described as follows: To wit, commencing at the South East corner of the lot formerly owned by Thomas Selman now owned by G. P. Massey on the West side of Grand [Green] Street running west to the line aforesaid lot to the South West corner of the same thence South two hundred and sixty feet to the place of beginning containing four acres more or less. And, two mules named Kit and Mary and my saddle horse, Bale. I will and desire after the death of my Beloved wife, Elizabeth Jackson, that the house and lot herein mentioned go to my youngest son John Y. Jackson to have and to hold forever.

I will and desire that the balance of my property be equally divided amongst my lawful heirs say my wife, Elizabeth Jackson, my son, Robert D. Jackson, and my daughter Mary M. Poole and my youngest son, John Y. Jackson to have and the hold forever. In Testimony hereof I hereby have set my hand and affixed my Seal this 5th day of November, Eighteen hundred and fifty-nine.

J. Y. Jackson {Seal}

Signed in the presence of
John Robbin
John Rosser


John Y. Jackson was the son of Green B. Jackson and Clara Yeates.
John Y. Jackson Estate Papers, File # 53-017-0866, Perry County, Alabama Court House.
Larkin Young Tarrant was a well-known building designer and contractor. He was born 1808 in South Carolina and the designer of the main building at Judson College in Marion, Alabama.
Mary Margaret Jackson was the wife of A. J. Pool.
John Rosser was a farmer living in the Uniontown Beat. He was born in 1805 in North Carolina.

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