Lowndes County, Alabama Marriage Records

Robert Henry Smith and Charlotte Ray, Colored
31 March 1877

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The State of Alabama
Lowndes County

To any Ordained or Licenses Minister of the Gospel, Judge of the Cirduit or probate Courts, or Justice of the Peace for said County -- GREETING

You are hereby Authorized To celebrate the Rites of matrimony between Robert Henry Smith, Colored, and Charlott Ray, Colored, and this shall be your sufficient authority for so doing.

Given under my hand and seal this 31st day of march A.D. 1877

I.V. McDuffie, Judge of Probate

. . . . .

The above named parties were married by me at Lees Place on the 31st day of March A.D. 1877.

H. Brothers, M.G.

Fifty Dollars Fine for failing to return this License.

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