Dallas County, Alabama Wills

Will of Thomas J. Webster - 10 Dec 1862

Transcribed by Sonja Graham, 16 August 2005
Submitted by Sonja Graham & Carolyn Graham

The State of Alabama & Dallas County

I Thomas J. Webster of the County of Dallas & 
State of Alabama being of sound mind and memory, but feeble 
in body; and knowing the uncertainty of life, do make, pub-
lish and declare this my last will and testament, hereby annulling
and making void all other wills by me heretofore made. 
In the first place I wish my executor hereinafter named to collect 
all debts due me, and pay all the just debts I am owing. 

Second I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Webster my home
and lot in Pleasant Hill where I now reside, together with all my
household & kitchen furniture, also a tract of land near Pleasant 
Hill containing One Hundred acres, known as the McInnis tract 
also a small vacant lot on Pleasant Hill adjourning lots of 
Coman & Hardy & Rice & Lovelace and Sarah M. Doolittle, to 
have and hold in her own right, and dispose of as she pleases.

Third I will and bequeath to my son Felix P. Webster Twelve 
hundred dollars for the purpose of paying for his tuition, board 
and clothing for two years after the present year, also enough 
to pay for a good gold watch, whenever he has acquired his 

Fourth I will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Salina 
Webster my piano, also Twelve hundred dollars, for the pur-
pose of completing her education and paying for her board 
and clothing while at school.

Fifth I will and bequeath to my son Robert E. Webster 
the sum of six hundred dollars for the purpose of buying him 
a horse & buggy.

Sixth I will and bequeath to my son John T. Webster an 
amount sufficient to buy him a good gold watch.

Seventh I will and bequeath to my son Dan R. Webster & 
my daughter Cornelia Melvira Webster the sum of four thousand
dollars each for the purpose of paying for their education - 
board & clothing.

Eighth I will and desire that my Executor, either 
buy or rent a plantation and keep my negroes together and I 
work at the same, and he is hereby empowered to buy property; or 
sell any of my present property except that specially herein 
bequeathed & that would be for the benefit of my estate.

Ninth I will and bequeath, that after the payment of 
the foregoing special legacies that my beloved wife Sarah 
Webster and my children Thos. P., Robert E., John T., 
Felix P., Sarah S., Danl B., Cornelia M., all draw an 
equal part of my estate, share & share alike, and that 
those not of age or may become of age can at any 
time have their portion allotted off for them.

I hereby capitulate and appoint my son Thomas 
P. Webster, Executor of this my last Will and Testament. Given under my
hand and seal this tenth day of December AD 1862.

Thos J. Webster SEAL

Signed, sealed, published and declared to be the last Will & Testament 
of Thomas J. Webster in our presence, and in the presence of each other 
on the 10 day of December AD 1862. While he was of sound mind 
and memory.

Subscribing Witnesses

} I J. R. Butler
} I P. A. Wood
} W. A. Rice

The State of Alabama / Dallas County

Personally appeared in Open Court, James  R. Butler, one of the
subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Will, who being duly sworn 
diposeth and saith that he saw Thomas J. Webster sign seal & 
duly execute the same, on this day and year therein named, as and for 
his last Will & Testament, and that the said Testator, was of sound 
mind and disposing memory at the time of executing the same, and I that he this
deponent, Jas R. Wood & Wm A. Rice signed the same as 
witnesses in presence of and at the request of the said Testator and in the presence of 
each other on the day the same bears date.


Sworn to and subscribed in 
Open Court before me this 19th
January AD 1863.
Tho G. Rainer, Judge
Recorded 26th January 1863 Tho G. Rainer, Judge of Probate

J. R. Butler

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