The following schedules of colored heads of household have been transcribed just as they appeared in the original, preserving the original order and context. I have maintained the 19th-century spellings throughout as well as the phonetic or mis- spellings of the census taker. The accuracy of this transcription is limited by the legibility of the microfilmed document from which these were copied, the census taker's hand (bad handwriting is bad handwriting no matter what period), as well as my skill and creativity in deciphering the florid 19th-century script. In those cases where I could not decipher an entire name, I have included as many letters as I could make out and indicated the number and placement of missing ones with dashes. When I could not decipher any part of a name or initial, I indicated it with a '?'. Note: The original schedules also contained a count of all males and females in each household and a breakdown by age. These counts may be added to this listing in the future.


I have tried to be as accurate as possible but take no responsibility for any errors that occur because of my inaccuracy. This endeavor is strictly a labor of love and is provided as a service to my fellow rooters in the genealogical community.