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Welcome to my genealogy page. My name is B. J. (Brenda) Smothers. I was born in Detroit, MI, grew up mainly in St. Albans, Queens, NY, and spent most of my adult years in Manhattan and in Westchester County, NY. I'm divorced and have two children: D. Joseph (he prefers just plain Joe) and Val Dorah (a combination of my sisters' names). I live in Atlanta, GA.

I come from a large family on both sides. My dad was one of 22 kids and my mom was raised with her brother and 8 cousins. There have always been tons of cousins and aunts and uncles around and loads of family gatherings to attend like marriages, birthdays, graduations, holiday celebrations and, sadly, funerals. At every one of these events I was always introduced to a new cousin or another relative and I'm still meeting kin today that I didn't know I had.

These family gatherings, the large and small events that marked the passage of time, were where and why I first became interested in tracing my family history. I pursued that interest on and off for the past 30 years but have devoted more time to it in recent years as older relatives passed away and my own parents aged. My father's brother died this summer leaving him the last one of his siblings. My mother's younger sister is gone but her brother and several cousins are still living. Mom, though, has Alzheimer's and can no longer tell me anything about herself or her people. As a result, my pursuit has taken on a sort of urgency.

I put this site together to share what I've learned about my family over the years and about genealogy in general and, hopefully, to make connections with others who share my ancestry or my interest in genealogy. It's a work in progress as I learn something new almost daily. Stay a while, look around and join me on my journey of discovery. Who knows. Maybe you'll find out that we're related.

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