The Norris siblings gathered at 1706 Green St. in October 1958 for Mama Julia's funeral

Standing top row left to right: Theodore Norris holding daughter, Theodora;  Earl Norris;  Eugenia Smith Kirkpatrick;
Lucille Norris Dickerson;  Kathleen Norris Molton;  Mamie Norris Coleman;  Wilhelmina Norris Bivens;   
James Norris;  James Kimbrough.
Seated on sofa left to right:  Gladys Norris Ward;  Hobson Norris;  Clara Norris Smith;  Joseph Norris;   
Velma Norris Kimbrough; Theodore Kimbrough.   
On floor in front left to right:  Ronald Kimbrough;  Constance Kimbrough. 


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