1866 State Census 

The State of Alabama conducted a census in 1866 at the close of the Civil War. It consisted of a White Population Schedule and a Colored Population Schedule. It was the first census in which former slaves were enumerated by name. 

I hoped to find Robert's mother in this census along with her four or five year old son. Unfortunately, the Wilcox County census taker took shortcuts and failed to write out given names for most of the households and combined many others. 

The only Norris head of household listed in the Colored Population Schedule was N. Norris on page 6. However, none of the families nearby are names that had been associated with Robert's. A better guess regarding Robert's whereabouts would be the cluster of families appearing on page 9. These include the households of S. Mixon and A. Wills. 

S. Mixon was probably Sam Mixon who was linked to Robert in later censuses. A. Wills was probably Alfred Wills, the future son-in-law of Delilah Hazel. 



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