1900 Federal Census  

Robert married about 1884 when he was 23 years old. His first wife was known to everyone as Tankie but her given name was Luzine or Lugenia. Aunt Jean (Eugenia) was named after her. 

The 1890 Census was destroyed by fire but by 1900 the record shows that Robert and Tankie had seven children together. Tankie also had a daughter named Annie by a prior marriage who Robert raised as his own. 

The following information appears for Robert on the 1900 Census: Black, male. DOB: Feb. 1861. Age 39. Birthplace: Ala., Wilcox County, Rehobeth. Occupation: Farmer. Years of school: -0-. This census indicates that he can neither read nor write. Other family members enumerated with Robert: 

Norris  Luzine [sic] wife 12/1867 32 AL
---   Clara daughter 7/1885 14 AL
---   Sam son 11/1889 11 AL
---  Mamie daughter 10/1890 9 AL
---   Joseph son 1/1894 6 AL
---   Lucille daughter 12/1895 4 AL
---   Cathline [sic] daughter 12/1897 2 AL
---   Robert son 12/1899 5/12 AL
Hunter  Annie adopted  
11/1883 17 AL

Both Mamie and Sam are described as "schollar [sic]" and the census indicates that they have been to school 4 months but that neither can read or write. 

Prior to his marriage to Luzine, Robert fathered another child with Annie Wood --a girl named Eliza who was born in 1882. In the intervening years, Annie had married a widower named Sam Hutchinson who was 35 years her senior. Jim, 20, and Eliza, 17, are enumerated with their mother and step-father in the 1900 Census: 

Hutchinson  Sam Head of Household
70 AL
--- Annie Wife
35 AL
Norris Jim Stepson
20 AL
---  Eliza A. Stepdaughter
17 AL
Hutchinson  Willie Son
12 AL



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