1910 Federal Census  

Robert was left a widower with eight children when Tankie passed away. Julia Thomas was their teacher in the little country school where all the children were Norrises. Robert showed up one day and proposed, she accepted, and they were married in 1904. Julia was the same age as Robert's oldest child, J. Henry, and only five years older than Clara, the oldest child still at home. 

In the 1910 Census, Robert Norris and family were still living in the same house in Rehobeth, Wilcox County. By then, he and Julia had three children of their own. Clara had started her own family but there were still ten children at home. 

Robert is described in the Census as a mulatto male, age 49. The other family members were: 

Julia wife age 30
Sam son age 20
Mamie daughter age 18
Joseph son age 15
Lucille daughter age 13
Cathleen [sic] daughter age 11
Robert son age 9
Fannie daughter age 7
Hobson son age 5
Earlee [sic] son age 3
Mary B. daughter age 1




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