Wilcox County Chat Log - Aug 24, 2000

The topic is: Wilcox County

BJS> Hi All

[CB75] Hi

BJS> Are any of you in AL or GA?

[CB75] I am in Perry Co, AL

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BJS> Hi Ouida

[ouidaw] Hello, everyone

[CB75] Believe we connect on the Starr line, Ouida

[ouidaw] Which Starr is yours?

BJS> I will stay as long as I can. We're having severe t'storms and I keel losing power.

[CB75] Martha Hardwick Starr m Sappington

[ouidaw] Yes, we certainly do connect.

[CB75] She's the dtr of a bro to your J. W. Starr

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[ouidaw] She and John Wesley are brother and sister, aren't they

[CB75] Now searching for husband's Wilcox fam. Voltz, Ervin, Dansby, Hutchinson, Hays, Cravens

[0378] hello all

[ileman] Evening

[CB75] Ouida, I'm going onn memory. Maybe

[ouidaw] Martha and John W. are both the children of Rev. Joshua and Fenton Melear

[Clifford] ocb75, Ouida husband is my cousin through the JOnes line.

[CB75] You are right!

[ouidaw] Is the Hayes you are interested in Henry Hillman Hayes?

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[Clifford] ouidaw, have you found more information on the McLean family?

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[ileman] Lady in Marion, Al..Clara Gen@aol..was a Voltz. She works genealogy & can help with Voltz

[ouidaw] I have your copy ready to mail of that document, thats all so far, Clifford

[CB75] No. Matilda Hayes dtr of Martha and James. Martha is sister to the Hutchinson's

[ileman] Clara Gen (Clara Daniels)

[Clifford] ouidaw, thanks for that. Do you know of anyone who is doing Jenkins research?

[CB75] ileman, I am Clara Daniel

[ileman] k...sorry

[ouidaw] I don't know of anyone working on Jenkins here. There is a man in AR that is interested and I have - sent him some info on the Haddox connection to the Jenkins.

[CB75] That's okay - 'notheer moniker

[ouidaw] CB75 have you done much research on the Hardwicks and Melears?

[CB75] Do you know if the McKinley cemetery is on line (on line of Dallas, Marengo and Wilcox

[Clifford] ouidaw, thanks. I am wondering why my Thomas Hart and Margaret "Peggy" Watford migrated from Dale - Co., Alabama to Wilcox Co., Alabama during the Civil war?

[CB75] Ouida will pull my files and see what I have and get back later.

[ouidaw] Not for sure, but I can check some of my cemetery list and see where it is.


[ouidaw] Clifford, did they have family here. You know medicines and supplies were very low during the war - years. Did he get a job here?


[RobMS] The Browns and Wiggins came from Henry and Dale Co. to Wilcox

[langham] I have a William Redden BROWNE

[ileman] McKinley cemetery is in Marengo listings

[CB75] t's off Rte 66 and believe it is now listed in Marengo Co.

[RobMS] The Sheffields and Hares came with the Turner, Smith and Shamburger families in 1816 from Moore Co. NC

[CB75] Thanks Ileman

[Clifford] Robms, have you found anymore information on the Sheffield line?

[RobMS] Not any more Clifford. Been off that line lately.

[Clifford] BJS, I am planning to get a film at the LDS on Alabama agricultural.

[RobMS] I have been indexing census records. That's been taking up most of my research time. LOL

[RobMS] I have been ordering those digital microfilm CD's and they are SUPER.

[RobMS] Clifford, are those the Agricultural Census records?

[Clifford] Robms, I am still looking for the Waite, chappell, jones line? Yes it is.

[0378] I have been reading that Ancestry.com plans to put the census online this fall for a fee

[Clifford] robms, I order the Mississippi census which told about the people that farmed in different - Counties.

[offline 9:30-10:10 pm EDT due to severe t-storms]

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The topic is: Wilcox County

[ouidaw] I hope to put the house in a trust in the future, with funds for its - preservation availabale so that our children will not have the expense, but - future generations will still be able to have and use the house.

[dennismay] Hello BJ. Do you live in Atlanta?

BJS> hi again. I see everyone's left for the night.

[ouidaw] I haven't seen the James Asbury renovation, but have heard that is - wonderful.

BJS> Lost power in tstorm.

[ouidaw] It has thinned out. I wondered if others would come on.

BJS> Yes, I'm in Atlanta.

BJS> I had trouble getting back in even after storm passed. So that ay be a - factor.

[dennismay] I saw it recently while driving thru Wilcox county. It is truly - amazing. It will be over 10,000 square feet in size. I am so glad that it - is being put to use. When I was a kid, I saw it and it seemed run down to - me.

BJS> What structure are you talking about?

[dennismay] We are talking about the James Asbury Tait house/

[dennismay] BJ, I have been trying to get in this chat room since it started. - Tonight , I was finally successful. I had to join Zoom.com to get in.

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BJS> You shouldnt have to.

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BJS> But glad you're here. Any suggestions for next chat?

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[dennismay] BJ, Ouida lives in the house that my gggrandfather built. I - think he waited until all of the other planters build their houses, and then - he built one bigger than the others. But he lost it and Ouida's - greatgrandfather, I think, purchased for his son in law. Ouida, do I have - that right?

BJS> Who was your gggf?

[dennismay] James Asbury Tait.

[ouidaw] He did build the largest in the county. He borrowed money from my - great-great grandfather and then Sam Tepper got it and gave it to my - great-grandparents.

BJS> OK and the house is undergoing renovation now?

BJS> Yhere's a very nice photo on the Wilcox Dev Council page.

[dennismay] No, the house undergoing renovations is the James Asbury Tait - house. He was the father of Felix Tait who build Ouida's house.

[ouidaw] The Doc. Starr was his son-in-law. Not White Columns, our house, - but the one older that was built by James Asbury Tait, father of Major Felix - Tait who built ours.

[ouidaw] White Columns is the youngest of the ante bellum homes in the - county.

BJS> I used to be in the HP field and am fascinated by historic homes. Maybe - you'll give me a tour when I'm in the area :-)

[ouidaw] Let me know when you are coming, Will be glad to have you visit.

[dennismay] BJ, most of my Mother's family lived in Wilcox County for about - five or six generations, going back to around 1815, 1817.

[dennismay] Ouida, or BJ,do you know much about James Asbury Taits father?

[ouidaw] Yes, you know that my grandfather, John Paul Starr and Miss Nonnie - were childhood sweethearts?

[dennismay] No, I did not know that. Where would they have lived had they - gotten married?

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[ouidaw] I have a good bit of material on Charles Tait. Have you ever - researched him in GA?

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[ouidaw] I imagine they would have lived at White Columns though.

[ouidaw] Hello, CB75 and jlselleck

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[jlselleck] Hi...first time...give me a minute to figure it out!

[dennismay] No, I haven't really done much research on him here. I plan on - doing it soon. I know that he was the senator from Georgia from 1809 to - 1819, and he brought up the bill in the Senate to make Alabama a state. He - went straight to Alabama when he left the Senate.

[ouidaw] I came across something the other day about him in GA. Don't - remember now what it was in.

[dennismay] BJ, what is your connection with Wilcox County. I have greatly - enjoyed your web site, and all of the infromation that I find there.

[CB75] Type HEREBJ did you ever locate any info on the cemetery near Pine - Grove church

BJS> Sorry, still having weather problems.

BJS> dennisay, I'm the descendant of slaves and white settlers in Wilcox, - Dallas, Marengo and Perry. I believe my people have been in the area since the - 2nd wave of migration in the 1830s.

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BJS> I've spent a lotta years trying to tie all the pieces together though.

BJS> My ancestors, black and white, were Edwards, Thomas, Mixon and Norris - mainly from the Gastonburg-Rehobeth area.

BJS> Ouida, did you spend time discussing early settlers tonight?

[ouidaw] No, not really.

[ouidaw] It has been more or less general again.

BJS> So much for themes. LOL..

[jlselleck] Feel like I came in too late...you may have discussed this...may - I ask a Q?

[dennismay] BJ, my family was also in Dallas county as well as Wilcox. The - names are Tait, McDowell, Fluker, Wills, Burpo, McCammon, Cammack, McCown, - Cook, Sellers. Do any of those names overlap with yours? The Flukers, - Burpos, and Wills were in the Gastonburg Area.

[ouidaw] Sure ask away.

[jlselleck] Have a record of an ancestor who applied for a passport to cross - GA to get to AL ca 1818. Why did they need a PASSPORT?

[dennismay] To crosss the indian territory. It was issued by the Governor of - Ga.

[ouidaw] To go through the Indian territory.

BJS> Wills definitely. And possibly Fluker and Tait. I'm also researching - Hazel, McMillan, Kelly and Jones fronm the same area. And also William B. - Shields from Perry-Dallas-Wilcox.

[jlselleck] Would there be more info somewhere on applicants, # in party, - etc?

[ouidaw] I think they were issued individually.

[ouidaw] I am not sure about additional information.

[dennismay] BJ, my mother was a Wills and lived in Catherine briefly, and - always referred to Boiling Springs. Her grandmother was a Fluker. The - other names are not familiar to me.

[ouidaw] The Fluker would be the family of the Rev. soldier, George Fluker.

BJS> Boiling Springs is where some of my folks lived. That line were - sharecropeers on land that's owned by Strothers family now.

[ouidaw] That should be a question.

[dennismay] BJ, I just looked on my tree. I am descended from George Fluker - thru his son, Hardy Fluker. I guess all of the Flukers in the area come down - thru George Fluker. That is far as I have the Fluker line traced. That - would make us distant cousins. How do the Wills fit in? If you are related - to the Taits, you are in High Cotton.

BJS> I put index to land patents online today. Many Flukers George, Hardy, - William.

[jlselleck] Have SHIELDS in my bunch/with Bayards, Glovers, Blanchards, - Bouchelles.

BJS> http://www.prairiebluff.com/algenweb/wilcox/glorecords.html

[ouidaw] Do you have a copy of George Fluker's application for his Rev. War - pension?

[ouidaw] The Glovers I am familiar with.

BJS> jlselleck, who is that Shields? There was a Glover connection.

[ouidaw] The Glover brothers built the first Wilcox courthouse at Canton.

[dennismay] Ouida, no, I do not have a copy of the application for the Rev - war pension. Do you have access to a copy?

[jlselleck] First to AL was Theodore(1795-1866) from SC, married Nancy Holt. - Their children married into to Bishops, Fosters, Lowery and Alston families.

[ouidaw] I have a transcribed copy, I think in some of the records I have. - It was recorded in one of the County Court record books that is now in the - Archives in Montgomery.

[dennismay] Ouida, I do have a copy of the obituary of Narcissa Goree Tait, - and of Felix Tait. A cousin I met on the internet sent me a copy of Narcissa - Goree Taits obit.

[jlselleck] Theodore's older brother was Samuel Bayard Shields m. Willy - Glover in 1807. Their son was a US Congressman.

[ouidaw] I have a copy of Felix's obit, but not Narcissa's.

[dennismay] Ouida, if you run across it, will you send me a copy. When I - said I had the obit of Felix, it actually was a write up in some publication, - whereas the obit on Narcissa was a newspaper article. I could send you a - copy of both if you would like them.

[jlselleck] Ouida, tracked you down in 1991 to purchase your books...how many - have I missed since?

[ouidaw] I would like them. I will send you a copy of Felix's obit--it is - from the newspaper.

[ouidaw] I still ahve the six Within the Bends and Men of Wilcox, which I - have to have reprinted.

[ouidaw] I am going to work on some other books in the near future.

[jlselleck] ok..only three short then!

[jlselleck] Was in Wilcox Co end of May, but only for a few days, so didn't - get to DO anything!

BJS> Are all the books still in pring and available for sale?

[jlselleck] ditto?

[ouidaw] Men of Wilcox is out of print now. The others I have copies of all - of them.

[ouidaw] They are for sale, yes.

[jlselleck] Cost & "how to order?"

[ouidaw] BJ, should I use this forum to say the price or should that be - better done privately?

[dennismay] I found a copy of Men of Wilcox at the museum at Claiborne Locks - last Fall. There may be some there.

BJS> No, tell us. It's genealogy.

[ouidaw] The the Museum there bought the last copies I had.

[jlselleck] I have your email addy if you'd rather I write personally...up to - you, but I'd like to get the books that I don't have.

[ouidaw] The cost is $10.00 per book plus a $3.00 mailing fee for multiple - copies or $2.00 for a single copy.

[ouidaw] My mailing address is 1540 County Road 23, Camden, AL 36726

BJS> So that's $60 + $3 for the whole series?

[ouidaw] Yes

[jlselleck] THANKS!

[ouidaw] Thank you for being interested.

BJS> How long have you been writing about Wilcox County Ouida

[jlselleck] I will watch the boards and try to join the chat sooner next - time...will tonight's log be posted on the site?

[ouidaw] Since I was in high school and I graduated in 1962.

BJS> I will post the portion of the chat that I have. Due to storms I was - offline for 45mins or so.

[ouidaw] These two hours have passed quickly tonight.

[jlselleck] rain? Haven't seen any in 61 days now...

[ouidaw] We are very, very dry here too.

[dennismay] Selleck, where do you live.

[jlselleck] TX

BJS> I'm in ATL and we've been dry as a bone. Tonight almost made up for it.

BJS> Guess we'll call it a night all.

[dennismay] It was good talking to you guys. I'm going to sigh off and go to - bed.

BJS> Next week? Same time?

[jlselleck] Good night...thanks for THIS

[dennismay] Sounds good.

[ouidaw] I enjoyed talking to everyone. Yes to next week and the time is - fine

BJS> niters then.

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[ouidaw] good night.

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