Perry County, Alabama Deeds

Young Bohannan to William Dufphey etal
Book B Page 127-128, 25 Jun 1831

By Cathy Morgan,

This indenture made the 25th day of June in the Year of our Lord 1831 between Young Bohannan of the first part William L. Dufphey trustee of the second part and James C. Adams and his wife Caroline Adams of the third part. Witnesseth that the said Young Bohannan as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he has for his daughter the said Caroline Adams one of the parties of the third part and also for the better maintenances of her the said Caroline Adams and for the further consideration of one dollar to her in hand paid by the said William L. Dufphey trustee as aforesaid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents hath bargained sold and delivered and by these presents doth bargain sell and deliver unto the said William L. Dufphey trustee and to his heirs executors and administrators the following personal property to wit a negro woman slave Nancy and the four children Matilda Harriet Eliza and Caty and also one horse two beds(feather) and three cows and calves to have and to hold negros and all and singular the other property goods & chattels hereby bargained and sold or intended to be and every part and parcel thereof unto the said W. L. Dufphey trustee and his executors and administrators from henceforth and forever provided always and these presents are upon the special truth and confidence and upon this express condition that he the said William L. Dufphey his executors and administrators shall permit and suffer the said negros and all the other property hereby conveyed to be and remain with the said Caroline Adams to be used by and employed by her for her sole use and benefit and that of her children during the period of her natural life and from and after the decease of her the said Caroline Adams the said negros and the other property hereby conveyed and every part and parcel thereof and its natural increase shall continue and be used employed and managed by the said trustee or some one under his direction or the direction of his executors or administrators for the sole use and benefit of the children of the said Caroline Adams until they shall arrive at age of twenty one years when it shall become their property also theirs to be disposed of as they may think proper. In witness whereof all the parties aforesaid have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and date above mentioned. Young Bohannan, W L Dufphey, James C. Adams, Caroline Adams Inserted before signing Caroline Adams signed by James C. Adams. Present Willis Nall, William Scott.

Recorded June 25 1831

16 May 2000
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