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I am searching for Lillian WILBURN. She was my great-aunt. Her father’s name was Milo WILBURN and her mother’s name was SARAH ANN ELIZABETH CLEMENT NORRIS WILBURN. When Sarah’s first husband died, she married Milo. They had Lillian and then divorced. When Lillian was of age, Sarah ran her off, which is the story that we have all been told. She was not heard from again. Later someone sent a picture of Lillian and her husband (we think) Leroy or Leon Johnson. I have been searching for this woman for two years and still have no leads I did find a Lillian Wilburn on the SSDI that had info stating the last know residence was Selma, AL. If there is anyone out there that can shed a little light on Aunt Lillian, I would be very grateful. 


I am searching for information on my grandfather and his ancestors. He was born Charles James Blum, October 29, 1856, in Selma, Dallas Co. Al. He was the son of Frederick and Margaretha Elizabeth Blum. They came to Selma after 1852 and had two sons, Charles James and Henry, born in Selma and maybe a daughter. I am wondering if anyone has any information on this family. I believe they eventually moved on to Pensacola, FL. Be glad to share information. 


I am looking for information on Levi Oley Martin. He was born 9-19-1882 in Central Mills Al. His parents were George Abner Martin and Annie N. Huggins. Thank You. 


My ancestor, Elmira (Mirah, Mariah) DUNN b. 1810 GA and a person I believe to be her brother, Joseph H. DUNN b. 1795 GA, arrived in Dallas Co. in 1822. Joseph bought land up near Summerfield and more northeast of Valley Grande. They both married into the Phelps HAYNES family in the 20s and moved over into Perry Co. Joseph later moved to Tallapoosa Co. and then to TX. Elmira ended up in MS. Need any family connections to Joseph H. and Elmira Dunn. 


Seeking info on descendants of Arthur Council Wingate b.1757 in NC. His wife died in 1816 in NC. In 1816 He moved to Alabama where he was appointed coroner of Dallas Co. on Feb. 23, 1818. He died in Dallas Co. in 1820. Arthur is not listed in the 1820 census of Dallas Co. Al. so we can only assume he died before it was taken. Only an Edward Wingate is listed in that census; I would also like info on him. Thank You Very Much. 


I am searching for info. on my grandmother JTAB. She is listed in the 1850 Dallas Co. census as being the 22 yr. old wife of H.S. Blackburn, a warehouse keeper from Tenn. At that time she had 2 children, W.J., a 2 yr. old male and A.A. (Adosia) a 5-month old F. I have been told that in later years Josephine either owned or ran a boarding house, but I have no proof. Any info. would be appreciated. 

Henry S.(Sherwood?) Blackburn was born in either Va or Tenn. in 1807 or 1808.  He married Josephine T. Adams in Dallas Co. on 11 July 1846.  He was involved in politics in Selma and is listed in the 1850 & 1860 Dallas Co. census.  I would like to know what the S stands for, where he was from & who his parents were.  Any help is appreciated. 


Looking for Joab Mosley/Moseley and wife Loney.  Had at least 3 children – Thomas, William (“Red Bill”), and Anne.  Joab came from the Carolinas and settled in Old Cahaba, AL where at least one child, William, was born.  Any help is appreciated. 


The main surname line I am researching is AVANT.  Francis AVANT’s widow was Elizabeth.  She remarried a LEOPARD ca. 1828 in Dallas County.  The AVANT children from her first marriage were:  Catherine M. Avant who married David D. DUMAS; Mary Avant who married James DOWNES;  Nancy Ann Avant (sometimes shown as Mary or Ann) married John G. O’NEAL;  Lucy T. Avant who married William Hall; Nathan T. Avant who married Theodocia Wilson …

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BLAIR CEMETERY Monroe County, Mississippi

The Blair Cemetery is located at N33 deg 51.593 min and W88 deg 16.994 min.

It is not generally known but the Blair Cemetery in Monroe, Co. MS had a section where freed slaves and their children are buried. My Great-grandfather Curtis Hardy Wise owned slaves and some of the interred bear our family name.

The only other information I can provide is that my Aunt Mommie Wise (born 1892) said that two of the freed slaves moved away when they married. One was Laura, who married Frank Hollis and the other was West Wise. Frank Hollis is probably related to the F. H. & L. J. Hollis mentioned on the stone of Lowell P. Hollis.

My family came to Monroe Co. in 1816. Curtis Hardy Wise was married into the DePriest family.

Also, the Sullivan Cemetery has an African section. Unfortunately, county workers bulldozed the markers away many years ago. As I recall some of their birth dates were in the mid-1700s. Hopefully, some of the stones may be recoverable and I intend to look next winter. The Sullivan Cemetery had the oldest marked grave in the country, a burial in 1822. That cemetery is located at N33 deg 46.378 min & W88 deg 18.134 min.

Amanda Wise
Born July 4, 1840
Died July 15, 1910

W. Calvin Wise
Born Dec 17, 1881
Died Aug 3, 1908

Lowell P.
Son of
F. H. & L. J. Hollis
Born Sept 5, 1895
Died July 1, 1897

David D. DePriest
Died Oct 31, 1918
Aged 60 years
(His stone is marked with the Masonic emblem)

Son of
B. D. & A. G. DePriest
Born Dec 31, 1886
Died Mar 21, 1887

Edna V.
Dau of
W. C. & A. O. Wise
Born Mar 5, 1897
Died Mar 21, 1897

Adalin O.
Wife of
W. C. Wise
May 15, 1860
Died May 7, 1897

Julia A.
Dau of
W. C. & A. O. Wise
Born Sept 14, 1879
Died Sept 24, 1892

Mary Vaughn
Born April 2, 1881

Deallie Wise
Born 1862
Died on [ ? ] 1940
Age 78

NOTE: There are many stones that mark unnamed graves
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