Perry County, Alabama Probate Records

Court Order to Divide the Slave Property of John Y. Jackson, Sr.
Dec 1859

By J. Hugh LeBaron,

The State of Alabama} Probate Court - December 27, 1859
Perry County        } - Special Term

To W. R. Brown, John Howze, A. S. Toler, W. N. Wyatt, and S. H. Fowlkes

Whereas the Estate of John Y. Jackson, deceased, of which R. D. Jackson is the Execution in said Court is possessed of curtain personal property described as follows: To wit, Giles, Charles, Vina, Carolisse, Liz, Byron & infant child, Austin, Howell, Sy, Caty, Fillis, Miles, Joe, Floid, Tom, Buck, Starling, Barney, & Martha which property has been directed by due decree of said Court to be divided equally into four shares apart. One share apart to be distributed to Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson, the widow of said decedent; one to R. D. Jackson; one to John Y. Jackson or E. Jackson Esq. for his use; and one to M. M. Pool, wife of A. J. Pool. The said parties being lawfully entitled to an equal distribution among them of all the above-described property of said decedent. And you and each of you having been appointed in a by said decree Commissioners to make such distribution. Now, therefore, you are hereby commanded after first having taken an oath to make said division fairly and impartially of the same can be made to proceed and make distribution of said property according to said decree and to your said oaths, and to make return to said Court of your proceeding in the premises in writing signed by you with all convenient speed.

Witness my hand this 27 December 1859.

James F. Bailey


John Y. Jackson Estate Papers, File # 53-017-0866
John Y. Jackson was the son of Green B. Jackson and Clara Yeates.
These men are listed here because they were appointed Commissioners of the Court to decide how the property of John Y. Jackson was to be divided in the most equal manner.
John Howze was a Marion, Alabama grocery merchant. He was born in 1824 in North Carolina.
A.S. Toler was a partner in a dry goods store named Myatt and Toler, formed in 1857 in Marion, Alabama. Toler was born in 1820 in Virginia.
W. N. Wyatt was a wealthy Perry County farmer who lived in Marion.
S. W. Fowlkes was a Marion, Alabama merchant. He was born in 1817 in Virginia.
James Francis Bailey was a graduate of the University of Alabama and the University of Virginia. He was born in 1811 in Wilkes County, North Carolina and was a veteran of the Mexican War.

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