1880 Federal Census 

Ten years later, Robert was living with the family of Jim McMillan and with his good friend, Henry Small. Jim was probably related to Robert and might also have been related to the Mixons. In 1870, twenty year old Jim lived in the household of Sam Mixon in dwelling #409 very near where Robert lived with Becca Mixon. 

Henry Small was probably the same Henry living with Becca Mixon in 1870. Aunt Jean Kirkpatrick and my Dad both remember Henry in his later years. They said that he and Robert were very close and Aunt Jean said that they had a wager on who would outlive the other. 

This is the information for Robert Norris in the 1880 Census: Mulatto male, 19 years old. Single. Occupation: laborer. Can read and write. Born: Alabama. Father born: Alabama. Mother born: Alabama. Enumerated in dwelling #348, in Wilcox County, Rehobeth Beat, AL. The household consisted of the following persons:


McMillan, Jim Black M 30 Head of Household
--- , Lavenia Mulatto F 26 Wife
--- , Isaac Mulatto M 6 Son
--- , Judy Ann Mulatto F 3 Daughter
Norris, Robert Mulatto M 19 Laborer
Small, Henry Mulatto M 19 Laborer

Robert's first child, James Henry Norris, was born in 1879. He was probably named for the two men closest to Robert, Jim McMillan and Henry Small. J. Henry appeared as an infant in the 1880 Census enumerated with his mother's family:

    Wood, Moses Black M 60 Farmer
    ---, Hester Black F 39 Wife
    ---, Annie Black F 18 Daughter
    ---, Tom Black M 10 Son
    ---, Jimmy Black F 5 Daughter
    ---, Elinora Black F 3/12 Daughter
    Norris, Jim Mulatto M 6/12 Grandson



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