1920 Census 

After WWI Robert loaded his family into his surrey and finally "moved up from the country" and settled in town. At the time of the 1920 Census, they lived on Green Street Extension (1706 Green St.), Selma. 

All of the older children had moved on and one that appeared on the 1910 Census had died. But there were still seven at home and one on the way. Leona Gladys, born in 1920, was the only one of Robert's 19 children who wasn't born in Wilcox County, in Rehobeth. 

In 1920 the family consisted of: 

Norris, Robert Black, male 51 yrs
---, Julia Wife 40 yrs
---, Hobson Son 14 yrs
---, Earl E. Son 12 yrs
---, Velma M. Daughter 10 yrs
---, Parico Daughter 8 yrs
---, J.S. Son 6 yrs
---, Wilhelmina Daughter 4 yrs
---, Theodore Son 2 yrs
Smith, Arthur L. Grandson 8 yrs
Norris, Fannie Daughter 18 yrs
and, six boarders



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